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ACQ Preserve
Wolmanized® Natural Select™

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ACQ Preserve
Ammoniacal Copper Quat

What is ACQ Preserve?

Ammoniacal Copper Quat (Type B - 66.7% Copper as CuO, 33.3% Quat as didecyldimethylammonium Chloride) was first included in the AWPA standards in 1992. It is a waterborne wood preservative containing no Chromium or Arsenic, used primarily to preserve lumber.  

Wolmanized® Natural Select

How is Wolmanized® Wood Produced?

  • Common species of lumber, timbers and plywood are loaded onto trams and pushed into a large horizontal treating cylinder.
  • The cylinder door is sealed, and a vacuum is applied to remove most of the air from the cylinder and the wood cells.
  • Wolman® E preservative is pumped into the cylinder and forced under pressure into the wood.
  • At the end of the process, excess treating solution is pumped out of the cylinder and back to a storage tank for later reuse. The treated wood is removed.
  • See the step-by-step process inside the treating cylinder.
What is Wolman® E Preservative?

The Wolman® E solution is a copper-based preservative with an organic fungicide. AWPA refers to it as CBA (copper boron azole). It is the preservative in Wolmanized® Natural Select wood.   natural select logo

What is It's History?

Laboratory work was initiated in England in the late 1980s. Commercial use began in Germany in 1992. Around the world, this treatment has quickly become the most popular of the alternatives to CCA.

The Preservative

Wolman® E Preservative is a formulation of copper azole, first used commercially as a wood preservative in 1992. It is a proprietary product of Arch Wood Protection. Copper is the Principal active ingredient, protecting against termites and fungal decay. Protection against copper tolerant fungi is provided by an organic azole which has been used in fungicides applied to fruits, peanuts, and other crops. A third ingredient is boric acid, found in eyewash, vitamins, and antiseptics, it defuses in wood and offers supplemental protection.
This waterborne preservative, applied by pressure process, is listed in AWPA Standard P5 as CBA (copper boron azole). It is a blue liquid, which is shipped, handled, and used in a manner similar to that for CCA. Ammonia can be used as an additive to aid penetration of hard-to-treat species.

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Chemonite® (ACZA)

What is Chemonite®?

Chemonite® is the registred tradename for ACZA (ammonialcal copper zincarsenate), a waterborne wood preservative. Pressure treating wood with Chemonite® protects against marine borers, insects and decay.


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